February 20, 2011 – Hike to Rocky Glen

Today’s hike to Rocky Glen was further proof that every hike brings a new experience as the seasons change before your eyes.  There were early signs of spring as green vegetation was beginning to peak through the cover of leaves  and from the moss blanketing areas of rock.  You had to be careful were you stepped as deer scat was predominate in the early portion of the trail.  Despite the warmer recent weather, the ice falls were as spectacular as ever with a thick trunk of ice standing under the cliff face.  While we managed to escape the heavier rainfall during the hike, the cliffs of Rocky Glen offered a nice cover once the rain started to pour.  Our attempt follow a logical trail into and out of Rocky Glen was often thwarted by slippery slopes, fallen trees, and rushing brook.  It helped to be dressed for the occasion.

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