Crescent Mine and Edward Mohn Coal Mine courtesy of Richard Hill, Torrance CA

The Edward Mohn Coal Mine, located in Bartonville, mined the Springfield coal seam as did the Crescent Mine, whose entrance is in Rocky Glen. The bluffs west of Kickapoo Creek were ( about half of it is still there ) a virtual treasure trove of coal used to heat and light Peoria until the early 1950s.

Mr. Hill says “I lived on Heading Avenue and often would hike “out to Rocky Glen”with friends. At the time we had to enter from the East and cross a pig pen (with some ornery critters) and drop down into the Glen. Your many excellent photos have brought back some fond memories of the late 1940s.

When I first saw “The Horseshoe Bottoms” area, the slag pile of the Crescent Mine stood tall over the rather bumpy, narrow version of Kickapoo Creek Road. The slag pile was used as fill for the present road. Remnants of the tipple and other buildings were removed.

I recall about 1950 there was a big flap about coal rights under the present Peoria Airport. The Mohn Mine had started to tunnel under the east side of the Field. The Mohn mine closed in 1952. The Crescent Mine in Rocky Glen closed in 1922.

Keep up the good work and preserve Rocky Glen for future generations of hikers and explorers.”

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