About Us

The Friends of Rocky Glen is a nonprofit organization working to protect this unique and historical geologic area near Peoria, Il.  The land has been recently purchased by the City of Peoria.  The Friends of Rocky Glen are determined to see this area obtain public access, dawn to dusk.  Our next priority is to help develop a parking lot to allow safe access into the Glen.  In the meantime, our group has received express permission to lead guided hikes into Rocky Glen on a monthly basis while requiring hikers to sign liability waivers every hike.  Check out our calendar on the Visit page, join us for our next hike, and find out how you can do your part to protect and preserve this beautiful natural area.


The Friends of Rocky Glen is organized for the sole purpose of permanently preserving the property known as Rocky Glen, located in Peoria County, Illinois.  Such protection shall include, but not be limited to, establishing a permanent owner who will safeguard the area in perpetuity, managing it to minimize human impact, protecting native flora and fauna and maintaining historic features and scenic qualities.

Board of Directors

  • David Pittman – President.  David is a local community activist who has lived in the Peoria area since 1991. He is married with one grown daughter and a step daughter. Dave works as a registered nurse at St Francis Medical Center in Peoria. He served on the Peoria Park Board from 1995-1999.  David also served as President of the West Peoria Residents’ Association.  He is a member of the Peoria branch of the NAACP.
  • Ed Stermer – Vice President. Ed is a long-time member of Friends of Rocky Glen. He is a professor of geology at Illinois Central College and a great advocate for the wealth of geologic resources in the Peoria area which he hopes to see designated as a GeoPark some day.
  • Lynn Dempsey – Secretary/Treasurer. Lynn is a native West Peorian who left the area in 1983 and returned in 2003. Lynn has served as an appointed member of the West Peoria Planning and Economic Development Commissions.  She is a management consultant and accountant.
  • Rick Fox. Rick moved to Peoria just out of college and has lived here for 30+ years and worked as a Caterpillar as a database administrator. He volunteers his time for a number of nature-related, environmental and political causes.
  • Marshall Hopkins. Marshall grew up scouting wildflowers in Rocky Glen and Peoria’s other nature preserves. He is a horticulturalist at Luthy Botanical Garden.
  • Cheryl Resnick. Cheryl’s career has put her in the heart of nature since her first job as a Grand Canyon ranger. She is a professor of geology at Illinois Central College and uses Rocky Glen as an outdoor classroom.
  • Vanessa Voelker. Vanessa got involved with Friends of Rocky Glen through its Committee for Horseshoe Bottoms. She is a professional botanist currently employed by the USDA Ag Lab in Peoria.