A Gathering for Education, Connection and Healing

The third annual Festival at Wildlife Prairie Park is August 11 – 13, 2023.

Kickapoo Creek Festival

About Kickapoo Creek Festival

The Kickapoo Creek Festival is a celebration of the natural world and community. Since 2021, Friends of Rocky Glen has built a coalition of co-sponsoring groups to provide educational outreach about the Kickapoo Creek watershed – the beauty of its 500 square miles and the challenges of restoring and protecting it for all who live here, present and future.  The KCFestival offers several days of outdoor fun and education: 

  • A variety of workshops about  plants, bugs, birds and native fish
  • Knowledgeable, relaxed workshops that provide both personal and community solutions for some of the tough problems within the watershed, like soil erosion and water quality pollution.
  • Instruction in basic survival skills
  • Fishing and canoe/kayak lessons
  • Lessons in night sky identification
  • Yoga sessions
  • Native plant and food sales
  • Overnight camping
  • Live music
  • Guided tours of the watershed’s unique geology

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