January, 2012 Hike

It was the first hike after the full onset of winter, and it was a great time to see Rocky Glen’s geologic offerings.  With the trees stripped of their leaves, it is a great opportunity to see the sandstone in the glen.  Because of the warmer of weather, the ice waterfall has not formed like it has in previous years.  Check out our pictures from last January’s hike for the incredibly thick ice fall.

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December, 2011 Hike

It was a cold, brisk December morning but dedicated hikers still attending our monthly hike to Rocky Glen.  the main attraction this month was the beginning of the ice falls forming inside the glen.  We do not  know if the conditions will be right for it to fully form this winter.  We shall see…

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November, 2011 Hike

It was a beautiful November hike in the Rocky Glen with the weather in the high 50s and the sun shining.  Autum has left the trees bare and the ground blanketed with crisp, brown leaves.  There were few signs of green left with the exception of the invasive garlic mustard and the evergreen shrubs left behind by a previous resident.  It was a great time of year for geologists as formations are no longer hidden behind greenery.

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August 2011 Hike

This weekend’s hike to Rocky Glen continued to show how the area changes over the seasons.  The lack of plentiful rain has slowed the creek to a stop about half way between the rocks and Kickapoo Creek.  It hasn’t stopped the growth of underbrush as the stinging nettle became yet another reason to wear long pants.  Without any defined trails following the creek yet, wearing the proper hiking boots and pants keeps the hike a pleasant experience.  There is a newly fallen tree that has been freed from its perch along the south rim that is now draped across the creek. Our next hike in September will surely be an exciting one as it will be under a full moon.  See our calendar for details. Enjoy the pictures!

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February 20, 2011 – Hike to Rocky Glen

Today’s hike to Rocky Glen was further proof that every hike brings a new experience as the seasons change before your eyes.  There were early signs of spring as green vegetation was beginning to peak through the cover of leaves  and from the moss blanketing areas of rock.  You had to be careful were you stepped as deer scat was predominate in the early portion of the trail.  Despite the warmer recent weather, the ice falls were as spectacular as ever with a thick trunk of ice standing under the cliff face.  While we managed to escape the heavier rainfall during the hike, the cliffs of Rocky Glen offered a nice cover once the rain started to pour.  Our attempt follow a logical trail into and out of Rocky Glen was often thwarted by slippery slopes, fallen trees, and rushing brook.  It helped to be dressed for the occasion.

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