Coal Mining and the Cook Family

by Eileen Cook Tucker

Thanks to Eileen Cook Tucker for sharing this part of her family history in coal mining and additional information about the mines and supporting business.

Ludwig Mohn was Eileen’s great-grandfather. He and her great-grandmother ran Mother Mohn’s Boardinghouse on the highway and also had coal mines.  Eileen’s grandfather, John Cook, was born in Kingston Mines in 1857.  He was a coal miner who owned 6 acres east of Shoff’s Orchard.   John Cook had a brother who owned adjoining property.

John Cook had five children, including two sons: Eileen’s father was Arthur Cook.  His twin brother’s name was John Cook. They were coal miners who carved their names in Rocky Glen.

Arthur bought the 17 acres adjoining his father’s land from his uncle, after that property had been a brick yard.  This property also bordered Shoff’s Orchard.  Arthur’s property remained in the Cook family for many years.

Eileen says her father, mother and five children would take a walk through the woods to Rocky Glen on Sundays after dinner.  She grew up in the area, including living in West Peoria not too far from Jim Eaton, one of our other history stories on this website.  Eileen’s godfather was Otto Santo, whose wife, Marie, was Eileen’s mother’s best friend.