Coal Mining and the Krempp Family

by Sherry Hooste Avila

Thanks to Sherry Hooste Avila for sharing her family’s coal mining history!

Sherry’s grandfather, Henry Krempp, worked for the Clarke Coal and Coke Mining Company.  

This is Henry (1885-1954) and Hannah Macey Diveley Krempp (1887-1924).

Henry and Hannah had four children included in this picture.  Left to right back: Marie Krempp Nelson Moore and Blanche Krempp Olson.  Left to right front: Henry Jr. “Hank” Krempp Nagel (unofficial adoptive name), Jennie Krempp Hooste Davis, and Dorothy Hohenbary, niece of Hannah Diveley Krempp by her sister, Nova Diveley Honenbary.

Hannah passed away in 1924.  Jennie, Sherry’s mother, was sent to live with her Aunt Clara in Nebraska.  When Clara died ten years later, Jennie returned to Peoria to live with her older sister, Effie, until she married Sherry’s father, Ed Hooste.  Jennie lived in Peoria for the rest of her live.

Henry Krempp and Hannah Macey Diveley Krempp are buried at the Lutheran Cemetery, Peoria, IL.