There are several ways you can volunteer to help the Friends of Rocky Glen cause!

Hiking Asssitants

We are looking for volunteers to help our hike leaders during our monthly hikes.  Jobs may include crowd management before and during the hikes, keeping hikers on trails, and general oversight of the activity.

Work Days

Check out our restoration page for information about how to volunteer to help the ecological restoration.


See our page dedicated to the road clean up for Kickapoo Creek Road.


Volunteer to work at one of our upcoming fundraisers.  We are in the process of raising money for a parking lot and are hosting several fundraisers to meet that goal.  Depending on the type of fundraiser, jobs my include assisting a hike leader during a hike, staffing a donation table, or help direct visitors.


4 comments on “Volunteer

  1. I am a local vendor of Real Time Pain Relief and would be interested in a vendor fair. An inside one this winter, especially after the holidays would be great. I have heard of your efforts in the Peoria Journal Star and applaud you for them. Also, it seems I read about Rocky Glen being haunted. It may have been through local author Sylvia Shults. Any way to capitalize on that for next year?!?

    Thanks for considering my email.

    • Thanks so much for your interest and support! At this time we have no plans to do another vendor fair, but we will discuss it as a board at a later date. We will be sure to let you know if we have another one. The shopper attendance at the first one was pretty low, so we are reluctant to at this point in time. We do not have any specifics about Rocky Glen being haunted but have heard rumors.

  2. I’m not sure if you advertised on social media, but it works great. Facebook has a Central IL Vendors site that has a lot of vendors and people holding fundraisers visiting their site. You may be able to connect with someone there that is more experienced in FB use and ways to attract a larger crowd. Fall is a bad time for fundraising as there are LOTS of them. Maybe one early next year might be good as there won’t be so much competition and people will be getting cabin fever and want to get out.

  3. While we don’t do fee-based advertising on social media, we do have a very strong Facebook page that has been a great resource to spread the word about our events and hikes. We do have just one more fundraiser this year – an art auction at Sky Harbor November 20th. That’s is for this year as we are ready for a break.

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