1962 Photos!

1962 Photos courtesy of John Salch, Peoria

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  1. Brian Martin

    Hi.¬† Thanks so very much for sharing all the great news and views of “The Rock”. Did a lot of camping, hiking, etc… out there during the early 70’s. Good times. Best regards.

    Brian Mart

  2. Jack Craddock

    thank you for the cool photos. I love to hike and I have hiked most of the trails around Peoria. But I have found Rocky Glen very frustrating. I thought after the recent improvements the signage would be better. But after trying to hike the park again this past Sunday, the only improvement I found ( my previous hike was 2016), was the rope and steps added to help you up the hill. I would like to see better signs at the top of the “rope” climb, pointing the directions to the mine shaft and waterfall. I know, I probably would of find it, sooner or later. But a few more signs when the trails separate is better than that general overview map by the entrance.

    1. lynndempsey100

      Thanks for your comments, Jack. I haven’t hiked Rocky Glen in a while. But I’m the treasurer of Friends of Rocky Glen, haven’t been in Peoria area since this past December. But when you get to the top of the rope climb, are you saying you did NOT see posts with signs pointing to Rocky Glen? Did you not see the sign “from pasture to forest”? From what I remember, when you reach the top of the rope climb, you continue on straight to a “T”. There is the pasture to forest sign. If you follow the path to the left, that’s where you will more signs, benches and more directional signs with “Rocky Glen”, “Parking Lot”, “Coal Mines”. If you follow the path to the right, you are correct, there is no signage leading the way to the mine shaft and waterfall. If you did not go straight to the “T” where the pasture to forest sign is, then you definitely would have missed the directional signs and four other interpretational signs we installed a couple of years ago. Perhaps when you have a moment, you could get in touch with David Pittman, Friends of Rocky Glen president, and speak to him. It’s hard for me to entirely understand since I’m so far away and can’t go look for myself. Dave’s number is 309-573-2354

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